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How does our test work  

Use of our test is simple and easy.

First fill out the order form and either e-mail, fax or mail your order. You can also use our online order form or call and order via telephone. We will then send you everything you need to perform this test in the comfort and privacy of your home.

You will receive:

  • A test kit
  • Instructions on how to use your test kit
  • Additional information
  • A pre-paid envelope to mail back your test kit

Delphi Test GmbH is the only lab in the world that can do a Canavan test with saliva instead of blood.

That means:

  • Simple and painless test in the privacy of your home
  • No physician is necessary to perform this test
  • Test kit can be mailed internationally – no problems with customs since no blood samples are necessary

All you have to do is to follow the instructions and take your sample. Mail your sample and pay the testing fee. You can either transfer the analysis fee to our bank account or to our paypal account will analyse the exons of your Canavan gene in both variants and analyse all necessary data. You will receive detailed and clear test results. If we identify a mutation in your genes regarding the Canavan’s disease you will receive a detailed description of the location as well as a description of potential health hazards.