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We hope you will find the answer to your question on this page. Should you need more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Why should I take a test? Genetic tests can show if you are predisposed to a certain hereditary disease. If the disease can be caused by a recessive gene you could be a carrier without actually showing any symptoms of the illness. This is the main reason to conduct a test since you could pass on a disease if you are planning on having a family. There are thousands of hereditary diseases that are currently known and can be tested for. Therefore it is advisable to only be tested if your own heritage would lead you to believe that you could be a carrier of a hereditary disease. Morbus Canavan is most prevalent in people of Eastern-European and Ashkenazi descent. About 2% of people of Ashkenazi descent carry this disease.

2. Can you analyse all my genes? No – while it is technically possible, it would not make sense nor would it be financially feasible. Every human has about 30,000 genes, the genome consists of 3 billion elements. We are happy to assist you in choosing a sensible test for you.

3. What about confidentiality of data? All data will be treated with strict confidence and is not being passed on to third parties. Your samples will not be used for any other tests. All analysis is conducted in our company-owned laboratory. None of the samples leave our laboratory once we receive them. If you wish we can destroy all data once we have informed you of the outcome of your test.

4. What does my analysis show? You will receive a report that includes all results of your analysis in full detail. We will also include an easy to understand explanation of all your results in lay-mens terms.

5. How do you take samples for the test? As soon as we receive your order and the test fee, we will send you your personal test kit. Your kit contains exact instructions on taking a saliva sample. You mail your sample directly to our highly specialized lab. Our analysis for Canavan's disease based on saliva is unique. We are currently the only lab in the world that can do this test based on saliva. Taking a saliva sample is quick, easy and painless. Even international customers can mail these kits without any concern. Saliva kits do not have to be declared at customs.

6. Is Canavan a disease exlusive to a certain group of people? No. It is however known that this disease is most prevalent in people of Ashkenazi descent and is caused through two mutations that happen often in this group. About 2% of all Ashkenazi are carriers of Canavan's disease. This disease can also be carried by people of other ethnic groups, however cases are rare.

7. How do I utilize my test results? This test is meant to help you if you are planning on having children. If both you and your partner are carriers of the Canavan's disease there is a 25% chance that your children will suffer Canavan’s syndrome. As Canavan’s disease is a serious and deadly illness with an average life expectancy of only 4 years it is of utmost importance to be fully informed.